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Regain Hope, healing and
life after divorce.

Whether we respond to or initiate a divorce or separation, the recovery process for the loss of any significant relationship is not easy. A divorce recovery coach can help. Divorce impacts most aspects of our lives—our relationships, our emotions, our health, our children, our finances, our work, our social life, our housing, and our future.

While grieving, we need hope, understanding, support, and good advice. Too often we receive shallow, trite and inadequate advice from well-meaning friends and family members. The result? Well-intentioned, but inadequate support, prolongs our pain and disappointment, failing to resolve our issues with our former spouse, children and ourselves.

This may or may not describe you; however, taking the time to wisely process pain can help you to avoid further choices that can make life more difficult.

What dynamics are typically addressed?

Grief of the loss of a former relationship, understanding your emotions
Regaining your hope and future
How to let go of the past and moving on
Helping children process in healthy ways
Coping and managing the relationship with your former
Assuming new responsibilities
Loneliness and new healthy relationships
Managing your expectations and your anger

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Via Skype, telephone, or in office


Via Skype, telephone, or in office

You can begin your journey of recovery by scheduling an appointment whether by phone, Skype or in person. Please click below to schedule your appointment. If needed you can click here to set up a Skype account. After your online pre-payment below, Mark will contact you to arrange a time that works for everyone. Mark also provides specialized divorce recovery coaching for executives.