Starting Over Endorsements

“In our journeys as flawed men and women, we are presented — under the umbrella of God’s grace — with countless challenges to “start over” in the face of brokenness. And few arenas of brokenness are more painful or puzzling than splintered or shattered relationships, which can quickly paralyze people in a prison of numbness and even despair.

Through his “Starting Over” workshops, Mark Skalberg has done a masterful job of developing a tool in which people, standing on the threshold of decision regarding whether they will try to start over after a painful relationship, can taste both the grace and truth of God.

Healing, hope and a renewed sense of redeemed purpose have been the result for thousands of people over the years who have gone through the workshop. It’s a resource I’ve seen God use significantly and I’m grateful more and more people are experiencing it.”

Matt Heard, former Senior Pastor, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs

“Thousands have experienced hope and healing from the Starting Over Workshop. You can too. I highly recommend Mark’s proven resource for individuals, small groups, and churches.”

Ron L. Deal, Director, Blended Family Ministries, Family Life, President, Smart Stepfamilies and author of The Smart Stepfamily, Dating and the Single Parent

“As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I see the pain and devastation that occurs in the lives of families as a result of divorce. Many times people find themselves feeling broken, flawed, and unusable. These individuals need to know that God is not done with them yet. He desires to redeem their pain and give them what they need to start again. Mark, and his “Starting Over” program offer this kind of hope and possibility to people.”

Dr. Barry Ham, Marriage and Family Therapist, author of ‘God Understands Divorce and Unstuck’

“When I was six years old, my father left my mother, me and three siblings. That was over forty years ago. To this day, I can still remember bits and pieces of the pain, questions and uncertainty that we and especially my mother faced, for the days ahead. How do you begin again? Honestly, my mother didn’t know.

Countless people today, after coming through such an ordeal, don’t know the answer to that question. Fortunately, there is a way to begin again. Mark and his Starting Over Workshop provides the path. Thousands of others have discovered hope and deep healing by walking this path. You can too. It’s time to move forward, isn’t it?”

Wade Brown, Regional Director Rocky Mountains, Pastor Serve

“In a culture that downplays family and marriage, Mark has come in and provided a balm for those feeling the pain of brokenness – for adults and children alike, Starting Over is just the salve required.”

Don Pape, Vice President Trade Publishing, David C. Cook

“What could be better than seeing a life rescued from the pit of despair and discouragement after a painful divorce, separation or the loss of a significant relationship to a place of hope and healing? The Starting Over Workshop has been used to accomplish just that for thousands of people for over two decades.

This time-tested and proven workshop is now available in DVD form, and after seeing the impact it has had first-hand, I highly recommend Mark’s Starting Over Workshop resources to individuals, small groups, and churches everywhere.”

Paul Zigan, Equipping Pastor, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO