Perhaps you’ve heard, “you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.” Well, none of us are exempt in making poor choices. We all make mistakes and have also been on the receiving side of someone else’s choices, but the big question is, now what?  Even if you have been wronged and deserve justice you still need to deal with yourself and your current situation that impacts all areas of your life, right?

Most of us know we can so easily repeat the past if we do not learn from our present. Maybe you might be thinking,“ do I really need recovery?” How do you know? Here are some questions to ask yourself to know if you do:

Do I Feel…

  • hopeless and lack direction?
  • depressed and want to give up?
  • rejected, abandoned, and discouraged about the future?
  • emotionally and physically drained?
  • a deep sense of aloneness?
  • bitter, resentful and angry?
  • that it’s hard to believe the best of my life is still in the future?
  • that my social structure has turned upside down and I lack a means of support?

The questions and the answers are pretty sobering, huh? If you answered yes to one or a few of these questions you need recovery. Please help yourself now by purchasing the Starting Over Online Course, the DVDs, or setting an one-on-one-appointment to start your recovery now. There is life after a relationship ends.